how to apply for egypt visa on arriaval in 2023

 Nigerian nationals must obtain an Egypt visa on arrival if visiting on a short notice or spending a short period of time. The typical length of stay is only 30 days, and the visa expires after that time. When requesting a tourist visa for Egypt, the applicant is not necessary to be present. The application for a tourist visa to Egypt requires a few from information from the applicant.

Is Egypt  A Good Tourist Destination?

Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world’s most famous momuments, including the Giza pyramids, the Great Sphinx and the ancient temples of Luxur dating back thousands of years. According to Going Awesome Places Egypt is a place that’s high on many people’s bucket list as a cultural gem, a cradle of civilization, and home to sme of the most remarkable ancient wonders. When you visit Egypt, you are more impressed by the fact that what’s been discovered so far isn’t even close to being complete yet.

Can I get the Egypt Visa on Arrival without applying In Nigeria?

NO! As a Nigerian passport holder, do not mistakenly assure yourself of boarding a plane and getting a visa on arrival at the Cairo International Airport. There is no visa on arrival at the port of entry in Egypt if you haven’t applied in your home country before embarking on the journey.

How Much Is The Egypt Visa On Arrival For Nigerians?

In 2023, a fee of about 25usd will be paid to get your sticker visa on your passport at the port of entry in Cairo having applied from Nigeria.

Requirements for the Egypt Visa On Arrival For Nigerians?

 The prerequisites for your application process are listed below:  

i. A valid Nigerian passport (with six months validity & at least three unused pages for visa stamp).

ii.  A recent passport sized photograph (taken on white background).

iii. Confirmed flight booking reservation.

iv. Confirmed hotel/apartment booking.

How Long Does The Egypt Visa On Arrival Take?

 The processing period for the visa takes 10-15 business days to apply for a maximum valid stay of 30 days.


How To Apply for Egypt Visa On Arrival From Nigeria?

At Asedeeq Travels and Tours, we are committed to relieving you of the stress and hassle. So, while you make arrangements for some fundamental needs, we may always apply on your behalf within two weeks in the most convenient manner from the comfort of your homes and offices.

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