How to apply for east African visa
east africa visa

Introducing the East Africa Tourist Visa for Nigerians and intending tourists who wish to visit some East African countries, including the Republic of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda! Similar to the Schengen visa of the European nations, The East Africa Tourist visa allows you entry to the two other countries without applying or paying for another visa fee.

Who Is Eligible For East Africa Tourist Visa?

The East Africa Tourist Visa as it is open to every intending traveler from all over the world and basically to those with tourism as the purpose of travel. Shuffle between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda within the maximum stay of 90 days and enjoy the nature of the East African part of the world.

Can I Get The East Africa Tourist Visa On Arrival?

NO! Make no mistake of  having such thoughts of if you would need a visa to go to East Africa. There is no visa on arrival available for the East African tourist visa regardless of your nationality or passport.

How Much Is The East Africa Tourist Visa?

In 2022, it costs about a 100usd for the visa fee of the East African visa for all nationals including Nigeria.

Requirements For The East Africa Tourist visa 

Below are the necessary requirements for you application process:

i. A valid Nigerian passport (with six months validity & at least three unused pages for visa stamp).

ii.  A recent passport sized photograph (taken on white background).

iii. Flight booking reservation.

iv. Confirmed hotel/apartment booking.

v. Confirmed tour package booking.

How To Apply For the East Africa Tourist Visa From Nigeria?

Quite easy as ABC.  Follow the steps below; 

Step 1: visit the Kenya’s official portal and create your account

Step 2:  Click on the ‘apply’ button and proceed

Step 3: Provide your gender and age status as well as other personal information.

Step 4: State your purpose of travel and upload the required documents

Step 5: Pay the visa fee

Once payment has been done, you have to await the immigration approval for your application in the email provided. Easy! 

How To Apply For East Africa Tourist From Nigeria

As always, we are dedicated to take the stress and hassle off you at Asedeeq Travels and Tours. Thus, within 24 hours, we can always apply on your behalf in the easiest way possible from the comfort of your homes and offices while you make provisions of some basic requirements. 
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