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How To Apply For A Zambia Visa in Nigeria

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If you’re a Nigerian citizen planning to visit Zambia, you will need to obtain a visa. Here are the general steps you can follow to acquire a Zambian visa in Nigeria:

NOTE: Zambia visa for Nigerians can not be used to apply for employment permits.

This article’s focus is  providing a step-by-step guide to applying for a Zambia visa in Nigeria.

Types of Zambia Visa For Nigerians

Holders of visa approval letters are required to enter Zambia within ninety (90) days from the date of approval, which date is indicated on the approval letter.

  1. Diplomatic
  2. Ordinary Visa
  3. Business Visa
  4. Transit Visa
  5. Day Tripper Visa
  6. Tourist Visa.

Requirements For Zambia Visa In Nigeria

Detailed list of documents and information required from Nigerian citizens to apply for a Zambia visa includes:

  1. Cover letter from applicant to the Director of General of Immigration
  2. Passport-sized photographs
  3. Valid Nigerian passport with at least six months validity
  4. Proof of travel arrangements (flight itinerary, hotel reservations, etc.)
  5. Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of stay
  6. Letter of invitation (if applicable)

Additional requirements (such as passport/NRC copy for Zambian host or immigration Permit copy for foreigners) for specific visa types, such as business visas or family visit visas.

Zambia Visa Application Process In Nigeria:

Here is a step-by-step guide to the Zambia evisa application process for Nigerian citizens applying for a Zambia visa, including:

  1. Visit the visa  official Zambia Immigration website or obtaining it from the Zambian Embassy or Consulate in Nigeria.
  2. Completing the visa application form accurately and truthfully, ensuring all required information is provided.
  3. Gather supporting documents and photographs as per the visa requirements.
  4. Pay the visa application fee and any additional service charges.
  5. Waiting for the visa processing to be completed and collecting the visa once approved.

Zambia Visa Fees For Nigerians

Below are the exact fees for Zambia visa in Nigeria.

  1. Single Entry Visa- $25
  2. Double Entry Visa – $40 
  3. Multiple Entry Visa – $75
  4. Transit Visa – $25
  5. Day Tripper Visa – $10 

Note: Visa fee is expected to be paid after filling the application form and about to submit.


  • Recap of the key steps and requirements involved in applying for a Zambia visa in Nigeria.
  • Encouragement for Nigerian travelers to familiarize themselves with the visa application process and plan accordingly to ensure a hassle-free travel experience to Zambia.
  • Reminder to always verify visa requirements and procedures with the official Zambia Immigration authorities or diplomatic missions before initiating the visa application process.
         We understand DIY (Do It Yourself) may be quite a ask due to to lack of professionalism and technical know-how, thus, you may seek a assistance of a travel agent such as Asedeeq Travels or any other near you.
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