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This post is simplified for many who have been asking “Is Kenya Visa Free for Nigerians?”

NO! Before 2021, Nigerians can easily board the plane and get a visa on arrival In Kenya but for some reasons the bilateral agreement between the two countries, Nigerian and Kenya was discontinued at the end of 2020. Thus, the Kenya immigration made available an online portal for every foreigner to apply, including Nigerians to apply for a visa for Nigeria before embarking on a journey to their country. 

In 2022, Kenya visa for Nigerian citizens is a must for those who wish to visit the East African country for various purposes.

Kenya, the perfect tourist destination, a country in the East Africa known for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves, which has Nairobi as its capital and an estimated population of 51,464,000 people in 2022, according to Britannica

Requirements For Kenya Visa In Nigeria

There are quite a few requirements necessary for the application

  1. A valid Nigerian passport (valid for at least 6 months before expiry date)
  2. A recent passport sized photographs (on white background) with these, you can begin your application process while we request for further details.
  3. Hotel/apartment reservation.
  4. Conformed flight booking.
  5. Tour itinerary stating your purpose of travel.

NOTE: when you apply through us at Asedeeq Travels, we would assist you in skipping requirements 3-5 to simplify your application process.

How much is Kenya visa from Nigeria?

Knowing quite well that Kenya visa for Nigerian citizens allows a maximum stay of 90 days. Below are the visa fees available on the online portal

1. Tourist visa (single entry) – 51.00usd
2. Tourist visa (multiple entry) – 101.00usd

How to apply for Kenya visa from Nigeria

To apply for a Kenya visa as a Nigerian citizen, or any other national, kindly contact us for your easy and stress free application in less than 24 hours.

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